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Escrick Pre-School Playgroup - About Us
Committee Escrick Pre-School Playgroup is run by a Management Committee made up of elected parents and staff. Committee Meetings are held once each half term. Everyone is welcome and we are always looking for new members!
Funding From September 2010 the Government is funding 15 hours of pre-school provision for all 3 and 4 year olds. The funding is paid directly to the pre-school provider by the County Council and you are entitled to use your 15 hours in more than one setting. The table below shows which term your child will become eligible for funding in according to their birthday: Child born between:
1st April - 31st August 1st September - 31st December 1st January - 31st March
15 hours funding available from: The start of the Autumn term following their third birthday until statutory school age. The start of the Spring term following their third birthday until statutory school age. The start of the Summer following their third birthday until statutory school age.
2 Year old funding Your 2 year old child could qualify for up to 15 hours of free childcare each week at Escrick Pre- school. If you are in receipt of certain benifits or have an income below £16.190 per year you may be eligible. In order to be eligible under the current Benifit System, you must be reciveing at least one of the following; Income Support Jobseeker’s Allowance (Income based)
Escrick Pre-school Playgroup is closely associated with both Escrick and Naburn Primary Schools. Below are links to the Ofsted Reports as well as links to the Schools own websites and other Escrick websites. Playgroup Ofsted Report Naburn Ofsted Report Come and see us at: Escrick Pre-school Playgroup Escrick Village Hall Main Street Escrick York YO19 6LQ
Income-related Employment and Support Allowance Child Tax Credit with income less than £16.190 Support under the immigration and asylum act 1999 Guarantee element of State Pension Credit Eligibility starts from the beginning of the term after a child’s 2nd birthday. Children born between 1 April and 31st August  from September 1st September and 31st December  from January 1st January and 31st March from April For further information contact the Families Information Service on 08456011630. Alternatively talk to your local children’s centre. 30 hour Extended Entitilement Funding Escrick Pre-school Playgroup now offer the 30 hour funding entitilement. If you think you are eligible, please access the Childcare Choices website at and click apply now and then on to the “30 hours free childcare” link to set up a Childcare Services account and apply. If eligible you will recieve an 11 digit code which needs to be given to us in order to reserve a place with us. Pre-school then require a Parental Agreement contract to be completed. SEN At Escrick Pre School we have an emotional and physical environment which enables all children to reach their potential.  We are committed to working with families and children to provide the best care and education for all children within our care. The Local Offer The Local Offer contains information for parents and carers about all services available for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. For details on the services on the North Yorkshire County Counil website on - Links